Know where, how to gamble in California legally to avoid trouble

One of the many titles the United States of America has taken on or is known by is the Land of the Free. This would have different meanings for different people, but all would agree that one of its best examples is the respect for democracy and individual rights and freedom, for which America is one of the biggest proponents in the world. With the present form of government of federalism, upholding individual rights has been extended to the individual states, as to a certain extent, each is self-governing and can pass its own laws. It is not surprising, therefore, to hear of issues, particularly the controversial ones, wherein different states would have different laws. Thus, some states have legalized the use of cannabis, while others have not. The same is true in the case of gambling. There are states that allow them while others only allow certain forms.

In particular, gambling in California is only legal in any of the four types of establishments which will be subsequently discussed. It must be noted that each of these four has its own set of governing laws and regulations.

First up is the Native American casinos. Under the existing treaty, recognized Native American tribes have a nationhood status and can self-govern their own lands. Casinos they operate within their own lands are thus legal. These casinos offer a variety of table and card games, including poker, bingo and blackjack. One of their biggest draws is the slot machines.

Next up is card rooms which offer primarily poker and its different variations like Omaha and Texas Hold'em. This offering has since expanded to include other options like California 21 and Pai Gow. The difference with the latter games is that these are player-banked, meaning a player does not play against the card room (or the house) but against other players. The room earns its revenues from a specific fee it charges for every game. This does not favor the players as it would cut into their bankrolls. Card rooms are regulated by a specific government agency.

Gambling in California is also allowed at race tracks. If watching horses run against each other delights you, you can also legally make wagers on these races at the tracks.

Finally, there is the lottery which is available in thousands of sites all over the state. Lottery tickets can be the scratch type, which shows immediately if you win, or the drawing type, which feature a scheduled draw and progressive jackpots.

Thus, the next time you visit the place, should the urge for gambling in California strike you, remember what is legal and what is not.