Playing Hoops

Although it seems unfamiliar, hoops has existed for centuries. It is being played in the streets of Boston, Houston and other cities in United States. It is a deviation of the game basketball but it features non-formal rules and spontaneous environment settings. This game is considered the holiest of pastimes. It has good entertainment value and is often played without mercy. And while the main objective of the game focuses on showcasing the players own individual skills but playing this for money is applicable.

Just like any other ball games, hoops is usually played by teams. One on one is permitted but it is up to the players and the organizers. This game allows fearless ball handling, impressive lay-ups, evasive maneuvering and stylish slam dunks. Some rules in traditional basketball are restraint such as traveling and fouling. The scoring system includes; 1 point for a basket and 2 points for a shot beyond the three-point line. The game is usually composed of 11 runs excluding overtime. It is quite daunting to track the score in this fast-ending game due to the inconsistency of the rules.

Putting money on hoops is very common during the game. The good thing about it is you can win real cash while witnessing the action. People are allowed to wager at their own risk, they can place bets on the players or on the teams. There is no specific rule to follow. Wagering may start as soon as the game starts. The amount of bets will also depend on the agreement of both the dealer and the person wagering.

Other gambling options include wagering on a certain player who displays excellent ball-handling ability, each skill has corresponding points and each point has money value. This is a bit easier, because you don't need to wait until the game is over to know the value of your winnings. Also you can place a maximum amount of bets without being questioned.