Unlicensed Casinos - A Threat To Safe And Secure Gaming

Gambling is not just a past time anymore and it is definitely just not a game for many. It is now a full fledges business and the rage of gambling is now taking over the world. With the drastic increase in the number of online sites the safety concerns related to unlicensed casinos is also increasing by the day. If you are gambling through an unlicensed casino online then playing with real cash is just not an option because you can never be sure about their security and authenticity.

Up to 20% of online sites are unlicensed and therefore pose a threat of unfair play or identity theft. Let's take a closer look at online gambling and how you can ensure that the site that you are playing with is safe and secure. Serious and cautious players are recommended to go to the CBK site where you will be directed to the top rated online casinos on the market. They have all been tested and reviewed by testing companies and players who know the industry inside out.

Look At the General Outlook

Look at the general outlook of the casino that you are playing with. If you have even a little doubt that the site is an unlicensed company then you should steer clear of the site. Make sure that the online casino is well encrypted and under regular surveillance. You should also be careful when giving out any personal or account details.

Make the Right Choice

Site URLS that start with "https://" instead of "http://" insure safety and are also free from hacking and save you from identity thefts. Unlicensed casinos are usually not well secured and therefore can put your personal information at risk.

Payment Options

Always opt for an online establishment that gives you more than one payment option. The really good casinos offer more than one method of secure transfer of funds such as electronic wallet facility, checks, credits cards, and automatic clearing house.

You need to be absolutely sure about the authenticity of the online site in order to save yourself from being conned of your money through unlicensed casinos.