Do you know this blackjack strategy that guarantees winning?

All blackjack players should be aware of the most useful blackjack strategy - the basic strategy. In order to become the person to beat, they should be well versed of this strategy. This basic blackjack strategy equips the players with the best game options based on his total in contrast to the upcard of the dealer. This system has been in the works for several years through countless research and computer simulations. The end result is the best mathematically calculated choices of all time, the true Perfect strategy.

This blackjack strategy's main premise is that the best moves should be based on the player's cards and the cards the dealer shows. A player has to know the simple strategies, when to double down and when to split pairs in order to master the basic strategies.

The simple strategy is the first strategy that needs to be learned. There are 7 rules that can be easily mastered. These rules can be used in 90% of all blackjack games you will play. This is the backbone of basic strategy.

The double down happens when the player receives only one additional card in exchange for doubling his bet on his first two cards.

No player wants two eights in his deck. When this happens, a general rule to follow is to split the two eights to have a bigger chance of getting a 17 or more total. It is also sensible to split aces.

Mastering the Basic Strategy

No player can truly master the basic strategy just by simply walking into a casino and playing blackjack. Practice is imperative and the best way to do so is by playing and using these strategies. If you have mastered these techniques, it will be easy to master the basic blackjack strategy.

While going through the deck of cards, decide if you are going to hit, stand, split or double down. Combine a deck of two or more so you can go through the cards swiftly.

To completely master the basic strategy, there are 2 additional refinement areas that you need to pay attention to. These areas are the guidelines for splitting pairs and doubling down. They do not alter any rules you have learned but extend them instead.